Your Personality Trait Can Be Judged By The Way You Hug Your Partner || Know It Here

Don’t you hug your partner quite often? Well, there are different ways people hug their partners and it speaks a lot about your personality. Check out below and know what your hug says about you and your relationship with your partner.

1. Hugging across shoulder

Hug your partner

You put your arm around your partner’s shoulder only when you feel he/she is your best friend and you can rely on him/her always.

2. From the back

Hug your partner

When you tend to wrap your arms around your partner’s waist and hug them from behind it clearly states that you are very protective towards him/her.

3. A back pat

Hug your partner

Well, haven’t you always hugged your friends of the same gender as yours this way? You do this when you think of your partner as your closest friend.

4. Putting your hands in your partner’s back pocket

Hug your partner

Well, you can only do this if you are comfortable with your partner. Don’t worry this definitely means your relationship will go a long way.

5. A tight one

Hug your partner

When you just don’t want your partner to let go off you and want him/her to stay beside you always, this is what you do subconsciously.

6. Looking into the eye

Hug your partner

When you are strongly connected to your partner and you find solace in his/her eyes, you tend to do this while hugging.